Painful to Say Farewell – Buddies from R&S


Painful to Say Farewell – Buddies from R&S

When the sun was still boiling the earth, when the cicadas were still tirelessly tweeting, when September came again, I entered the college regarded by my parents as paradise.

Just as I started to plan my college life, I stumbled onto a news article about our school’s R&S organization. I fell in love with it immediately and thus, began my journey with R&S.

That same year, I became involved in R&S Youth Green Tutor and Organic Garden specialist activities. During my interviews, I became acquainted with Little Meatball and for the second time met Zhen Chen, who loves to tear paper (Don’t hit me!). After rounds of selection, the two examiners finally found me like a piece of gold buried in the sand. After a series of trainings, I got the chance to go to their Bio Farm in person. There, I began my tutoring journey at Jincai school, north campus.

In the hope of better educating the students and encouraging their happiness at the same time, I pondered over each activity before presenting it to them. The students I teach are all leaders in their grade, so they are all very smart; there is no point in superficial teaching. Considering that they may lead their group members in the future, I decided to focus the class on improving the students’ managing abilities.

Brainstorming activities are used at all R&S trainings, so I also incorporated some into my classes. Inspired by Yang Qing from the R&S Office, I questioned the students: what are the necessary qualities of a leader? The class burst into heated discussions. Since there were no blackboards in the classroom, I could only type their thoughts in Microsoft Word. The only input method available was the standard Microsoft one, and so I experienced déjà vu of my college entrance exam. I concluded several key points from the brainstorm: amiability with teammates, respect for the speaker, and responsibility for the team. After class, a teacher asked me whether I found the class chaotic, I replied no, with a smile. This was my time to be happy. As President Mao once said, “Youth is the eight o’clock sun; deliberate oppression on their thoughts will lead to opposite results.”

Furthermore, as an Organic Garden specialist, I helped the students grow an organic garden. When we were planting that day, a group of primary school students came to visit the Jincai northern campus. I brought my new “comrades” onto the fields, and started to show them around. I introduced to the youngsters to the main parts of the Organic Garden. I also invited my audience to participate during certain procedures. Although the demonstration was brief, I believe that my lecture gave them a brief outline as to what Roots and Shoots does. I hope in the future they might join our big family.

Three months is not a short period of time, but it seems to go by fast in the course of a man’s life. I hope my three months of teaching really taught the students something new: controlling an event, clear organization, and most importantly, an optimistic and upbeat attitude to the people, animals, and nature around them.

I am very glad to have befriended many people through this organization, people that pursue the same cause as I do. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn so much fresh, interesting knowledge. It’s a pity that I need to shift the focus of my work, so I cannot participate as many activities as I did. However, I have no doubt that there will be more powerful and hopeful personalities joining the organization. It’s ten past midnight, and we have welcomed another Children’s Day. My experiences at R&S are the best presents I have received this year. Lastly, I sincerely wish R&S survives and thrive in the coming years.

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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