“Partnership For Peace”Photography Booth


Event:”Partnership For Peace”Photography Booth

Group Name:Greenleaf Environmental Protection Club of Shanghai Experimental School

Event Date:2015-10-10

Report Submitter:Leyi Wei

Participant Number: over 120

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Hey guys, here’s Greenleaf Environmental Protection Club.

Well… it might be a long English name… but never mind. I call it ‘The Leaves’.

As club head, I would like to make a conclusion for our activity “Partnership for peace Shanghai Experimental School’s Art Festival 2015” (PP).

For most students, PP was just a 90-minute-event on the day of Oct 10th.

In the Art Festival, Oct.7th, we continued doing our job from 17:30 when the cruises ends— to 19:00, before the last activity that day. You could find us being active in almost all our free time during the opening ceremony.

The purpose of PP is to disseminate the concept of peace. At the same time, it also correlates the theme of our Art Festival. It was first appealed by Beijing Roots & Shoots in order to respond to the International Day of Peace, and its form of participation is to make a gesture of the dove of peace while taking photos.

We were divided into two groups as planned.

One group was responsible for taking photos for the students who took part in PP and giving out ‘head grass’ to them, which is a kind of ornament in the shape of plants. The team moved on while inviting students to participate in our activity, as to represent one of PP’s concepts ‘the Itinerant Photography Booth’. In addition, we also arranged our mascot while carrying our ‘Roots & Shoots’ flag to take photo with students. At the same time, the students signed their name and left comments. Different from the school’s ‘light up the light of peace’, we hope that students of SES can have their own thought and wishes of peace.



The playground was filled with peope. Under camphor leaves there shone dim lights. The water was sparkling with the lights.

I was with the other group, which was in charge of the photo booth. It was a place to just keep blowing my bubbles, without being bothered by anyone coming and passing by. As I was the staff at the photo booth, I deeply felt that it was not that easy behind the ‘easy’ aim of collecting photos. At first, while all the people were asking the price or taking photos waiting for their changes, trying to choose a ‘head grass’, buying hairpins and badges, or rushed forward to you, everything was just messed up for me. However, as soon as we knew our work well, every photo we take, every smile and ‘thank you’ we receive, all made us feel—just like our textbook says—a sense of achievement and satisfaction.


I believe that everyone ained their own unique feelings and experiences during this opening ceremony.

After the hairpins and ‘head grass’ were sold out, we were somewhat disappointed and frustrated as if we’ve lost something or even gained something. I could see our dove group still walking around, and they might feel more relaxed and free than those who were at the photo booth, but they went farther and farther. These students who took part in the activity missed almost every show and they faced a larger crowd and took more higher-quality  photographs than the photo booth group.


Whether it’s the dove group or the photo booth group, I am proud of them. They have a same name, SES Roots & Shoots, The Leaves. In terms of what we’ve done, the Art Festival isn’t the entire story. Let’s look back on the past— the design and custom-


made of the board and the poster, the background of the photos for promotion, the purchase of the ‘head grass’ and hairpins, the arrangement and the tiresome meetings,  and to the beginning of the beginning— the birth of PP’s idea. We have worked so much for the 90 minutes. Once I was asked if I felt regreted doing all these instead of enjoying the Art Festival. It’s our organization that made the Art Festival excellent, I answered.

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