SANOFI’s New Semester Celebration with Jinde School


SANOFI’s New Semester Celebration with Jinde School

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Springtime in March: even though there was still the same nip in the air, the SANOFI conference room was bustling with activity.

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For the beginning of the new semester, SANOFI invited 40 students to come from Jinde School to the Jiali Center to celebrate the afternoon with employee volunteers.  In consideration, SANOFI even arranged a shuttle to pick up the students for the activities.

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The volunteers lead the kids in participating in an intense contest, which included 60 seconds of jumping rope, a part where two partners had to walk holding a book between their backs, a two-partner three-footed race, as well as a planking competition. According to the rules, the classmates in their small groups, were to work together in order to accomplish every task. Despite the fact that every competition has losers and winners, every child was happy. In the competition, volunteers also prepared delicious refreshments for the kids to keep their bodies going.

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In the end, the SANOFI volunteers gave out exquisite prizes to the kids. Regardless if they were classmates, teachers, or SANOFI volunteers, everyone was looking forward to seeing each other in the new semester!

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