YES Program&Organic Garden


School name: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Sino-British-College

R&S group name: SBC Roots & Shoots

Grade of students: Year 1 to Year 4

Number of students: 36

Writer of this report : Yanfang Luo

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YES Program to carry out this term is Kangjian foreign language school and the Zhenguang primary school, from last semester’s experience, training and activities, we were expected to attract children through the teaching form, to cultivate their environmental protection consciousness and the spirit of caring about others. This program was started at October and ended at January, 2018. All the members of SBC Roots & Shoots were taken apart in this program. The final costs of this program was within 200 RMB, which were used to purchase gifts for children of two schools such as easers, booklets and etc. A team with 2 members would take this class in their own way every week if there were nothing emergency. There would be some troubles because our group is a club in the school. On the other hand, this could be one of advantages of our group, which we could make students feel newness. Many of our members said that this program improved the ability of controlling time and conversation skills.

Organic Garden was started at December and lasted to the end of this semester. Ours group was as organizer to carry this activity which would face all of stuff and students in SBC. We had been prepared many gifts and seeds to select for participants. However, there were some shortages of signs and gifts at the next day. Another negative aspect was the moving day is too late which means the weather get colder. As a result of this, the germination rate was affected directly.

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