Group Reg. & Event Guideline


For newly registered Roots & Shoots groups, please read the instructions below:

1. Register bilingually on our website (online registration);

2. Our International School Coordinator  Ting Chen ( will assist you to finish the registration;

For all Roots & Shoots groups, below are listed all the materials of a “Welcome Package” that you might need  to guide and help  you to establish a R&S group and organise activities:

1. Annual Report of Shanghai Roots & Shoots (download 2017 Impact Report)

2. Introduction to all R&S projects (visit the project page)

3. Dr Jane Goodall’s The Power of One (download this article)

4. Our interesting videos (please ask our International School  Coordinator for the resource links of the documentaries about Jane Goodall or watch directly our promotional videos via our media centre)

5. Activity Report, which is required to submit after each activity you have organised, please submit bilingually on-line via the report page

You can also take the sample report as a reference, please click Recommended  Students’ Report

6. We also have a bunch of social networkings on Weibo (Chinese twitter), Wechat (mainly written in Chinese, click the link and follow up by scanning the QR code), and Facebook.

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The “PROJECTS YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN” above will guide you to a further understanding of our projects. Besides, you may choose a proper way to get involved as individual volunteers, school groups or enterprise partners. Get involved today!
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Message from Dr Goodall

Every individual matters; every individual has a role to play; every individual can make a difference.