Sing Red Songs Loudly


Sing Red Songs Loudly

Yu Xia, head of the Leukemia Patient Caring program in Shanghai R&S, led the R&S choir, as special guests, to the Shanghai Second Industrial University presentation hall. On May 5th, 2011, the group attended the “Passionate youth, pass on the kindling, follow the party forever” 90th Anniversary Red Song Performance Competition.

The Red Song Competition was composed of three parts: “Age of Beacon-Fire”, “Eulogize the Reform”, and “Youth of the Era”. These parts were chosen to represent the history of China, from the Second Sino-Japanese war to the reform of Chinese society. The Shanghai Roots and Shoots choir sang “There Would Be No New China Without Communists” to mark the beginning of the event. Passionate recitation was accompanied with enthusiastic singing. This not only displayed the deeper meaning of the song, but also proved to be a wonderful start to the event. After finishing the song, the audience applauded. Afterwards, the attending schools all sang many different Red Songs. Their performances impressed the audience again and again.

Sing Red Songs Loudly

From the success of the Shanghai Roots and Shoots performance, it was not obvious that the members were suffering from chronic leukemia. They showed no fear in the face of disease, but fought it with courage and optimism. Their spirit encouraged the students who participated in the competition. No one should ever give up when encountering any difficulty or obstacle, but should charge forward and fight back. That is exactly the message Red Songs deliver to us.

Sing Red Songs loudly in remembrance of the forerunners, red spirit, and everlasting classics. Let us use red songs to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the party, witness the strength that unified Chinese raise together, and fight harder for the future of our mother nation.

The performance of the choir was a success. Although the competition in Shanghai Second Industrial University has ended, the songs will always resonant in the hearts of audience.

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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