Small Action, Big Difference


June 5th is the World Environment Day. The WED theme of 2015 is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” Shanghai Roots & Shoots, together with Unilever Green Ambassador, organized an Eco Carnival in Unilever, to call for the attention of sustainable living style and low-carbon working habits.

There were four booths with interactive activities on the carnival. During the lunch hour, people could walk around and participate in those activities. The first booth was about the water conservation-Every Drop matters. Participants would need to hold a glass of full water and walk through obstacles without spill it over, so that they could understand the importance of every drop.

20150605 Unilever 001

The second booth was about recycling. The participants were given a badminton balls with garbage stick on it and they needed to throw it into the right garbage bin. This was a game of challenge and required the participants to have the knowledge of garbage sorting. This was much fun and educational.

20150605 Unilever 002

On the third booth, people could DIY their own handkerchiefs. R&S volunteers showed the participants how to use tree leaves and paints to imprint on the handkerchiefs.

20150605 Unilever 003

On the last booth, people brought their own recycled bottles and had one mint for free. They could use the recycled bottles to water culture mint so that the bottle could be reused.

20150605 Unilever 004

The activity lasted until the end of the lunchtime. Small action comes with big difference. It’s just a start; we still got a long way to go.

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