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Since the “Home of Hope” Program for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients started to run, CRC Home of Hope has hosted three events for the patients in the past months, including a lecture on psychology, an outdoor trip and an interest group.

  •  April

In the patient lecture on psychology on April 25th, the experienced psychiatrist Zhengwei Yan shared some tips of regulating moods. He encouraged patients to learn to accept reality, adjust attitudes and cherish presenthood. Since people’s moods are closely associated with mental health, having an optimistic outlook can improve our immunity. Besides, he reiterated the importance of the mutual support between patients.

Also, Mr. Yan reminded the patients that when they are getting along with each other, it would be better for them to compare neither the condition of their illness nor the treatment circumstances becuase each patient’s illness is of different status. He emphasized that what the patients should see and learn is the well attitude of other patients towards their illness.

20160607 希望之家CRC活动回顾 01

  •  May

On May 31st, CRC Home of Hope organized a tour, in which the Colorectal Cancer patients visited the Hongfang Cultural and Creative Industrial Park. During their visit, the patients got to know each other and each introduced their experience of getting the illness. The two of the patients have already had 8 years’ illness history, their optimism encouraged other patients.

Besides, each of the patients shared their related knowledge and experience of the illness. Some patients exercised and took a walk every day, which helped improve their health. Some patients emphasized that it was important to have the knowledge of their own illness because this could help them to have a better conversation with doctors and actively cooperate with the treatment as well.

20160607 希望之家CRC活动回顾 02

  •  June

In June, the first reading club started by a recommended book for each Colorectal patients who took part in the event. The patients were asked to share their gains after reading the book. During the process, the patients not only learned how to relax through reading, and they had a deeper thinking of their lives through mutual communications as well.

We welcome more Colorectal patients and family to get involved in the events for patients!!!

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