Summary of the May Students’ Meeting, 2018


The May students’ meeting of Shanghai Roots & Shoots (SRS) was successfully held. In spite of the heavy rain, approximately 53 members from 32 universities and high schools came to attend the meeting.

Directors from SRS introduced to the students each program.

  • Ben, the Organic Garden Program Coordinator, introduced the concept of no-digging garden.
  • Bin Wang, coordinator from the Million Tree Project (MTP) shared his methods of making a straw grid which can ensure the sustainability of shrubs.
  • Directors from Kidstrong, One Project and YES (the Youth for Environmental Sustainability) also informed the students present of what was happening respectively.

Students also showed their passion in various activities.

Group members from Shanghai Experimental School shared what they did during the ‘Spring Festival’ activity, in which they sat around the sakura trees and read or made poems. The picture they took were made into the beautiful postcards, which were for sale in the charity bazaar. The money collected was all contributed to the Million Tree Project.

The Roots & Shoots Group in SAS conducted some field work focused on the waste recycling in Shanghai. The data provided were of great help to other students present. For further reading please go to SAS Recycling Research.

The Roots & Shoots Group in Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Science, based on the fact that there was an army of second-hand garments generated in the school, launched a garment-recycling activity. Members at the association placed three garment-recycling boxes near three dormitory areas on campus, encouraging students to recycle their unwanted garments. The activity was held once every two months and 150 kilograms of garments were recycled in total. By accident, members were also informed that many people in Kashgar, Xinjiang even could not have enough clothing. Therefore, they selected part of the recycled garments and sent them to Kashgar. The residents in Kashgar, in order to express gratitude, had some red Chinese dates delivered and video-phoned with the members. A small act gave rise to a huge impact. The member at the association could never feel more motivated from that.

In fact, there are a multitude of renewable resources being wasted on campus. Therefore, Shanghai Roots&Shoots initiated the Dragon Recycling Program and plans to promote it among high schools and universities.If interested, please be free to contact our specialist: Frederick Zhang.

If you are a student on campus with passion and creativity, we also encourage you to join us. For more detailed info, please send email to:

There still exists much to be improved in our meeting, please email us if there is any suggestion.

In the end, we would like to express our gratitude towards whoever came and supported us behind the scenes.

For the timetable of the next meeting, please visit our home page and check your mail box.

We sincerely hope to see you soon!

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