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TeenStorng program delivered video classes and picture books to migrant school students and their parents on physical and psychological health during puberty in 2019 and 2020. We hope these activities can help the migrant children successfully navigate through this critical phase of their life.  

This semester, TeenStrong has initiated a new activity called Parent-child storytelling. In this activity, parents and children read picture books together and share the story. The themes of picture books were diverse. The stories include Where Willy Went – about “where I come from”, Hair in Funny Places – a story of different body shapes of boys and girls, Don’t Deny Yourself Easily – a story of confidence, and stories of self-protection:Don’t Touch Me without My PermissionDon’t Kiss Me without My PermissionDon’t Bully MeDon’t Keep Some Secrets, etc. 

These stories assist parents to answer their children’s sex-related questions and increase children’s awareness of self-protection. After the story-telling activity, the parents realized the importance of self-protection education. When parents and their children read the stories together, their relationship became closer. The activity also opened space for parents and children to discuss questions, share feelings, and request assistance during children’s puberty. 

We selected some good stories that were told by seven pairs of parent and child. Please find the storytelling video below.

(Currently the stories are all presented and subtitled in Chinese.)

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