On 14 July 2021, five volunteers from Shanghai Roots & Shoots were invited by the Communist Youth League of E. Nanjing Rd. Subdistrict to conduct an environmental education course for 36 children in the summer school.

This environmental education course took recycling as the theme to promote reduction of waste and the notion of resources regeneration. Starting with the story of Dr. Jane Goodall and the chimpanzee, the impact of waste on the environment was demonstrated, which made the children consider that resources regeneration and reduction of waste are a matter of urgency. The content of this course is absorbing and taught with humor and the classroom was filled with joy and laughter.

In addition, with the assistance of the volunteers, the children took part in the manual activity of making storage boxes from discarded plastic water bottles. Cutting bottles, pasting zippers… every child is actively involved. Eventually, everyone has made their own storage box through great efforts, reflecting that today’s achievement is fruitful.

Recycling can also play a role in our daily lives. The activity held by Shanghai Roots & Shoots makes the children realize that their strengths can promote sustainability. Every small action could bring differences.

Translation: Yunlin LEI

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