The Report on Postcard Plan Chongming High School Root and Sprout


Event:”Postcard Plan” of ChongMing high school

Group Name:  Roots & Shoots, ChongMing high school

Event Date:  2015-1-31


The origin of Postcard Plan:

Lu Xuanting, the organizer of CMRS, discussed with the head of an educational institution in Changzhou City, Guizhou Province. The institution sponsors a primary school in Guizhou and has made a plan to raise donations for the school. After he saw some beautiful scenic picture of our Chongming High School on our official website, the institution thought that promoting postcards was a good strategy to raise donations. The Postcard Plan not only made us enjoy the cultivation, but also helped the primary school in Guizhou.

The preparation and procedure of Postcard Plan:

After the discussion in December, 2014, we decided to conduct the plan in the form of groups.

1. Divide members into several groups. The group leader needs to finalize number of required postcards  and tell the leader of their grade.

2. The leader of their grade should report to the head of the Postcard Plan. Photos (campus scenery and cartoons) will be chosen by the head and then ordered online.

3. Distribute postcards to every group. The group members will be responsible for the price and selling.

4. The income will be used as donations.



One of our activities:

On January 31st 2015, the first day of winter holiday, several members of CMRS arrived at Chongming High School Winter Camp which was prepared for Junior 3 students. Lu Xuanting introduced CMRS and Postcard Plan to them. Those lovely junior 3 students bought many postcards and signed their names. (Pictures as follows)


The results of the Postcard Plan:

Till now, more than 1,000 postcards have been sold,which is around  2000 yuan. The income of these postcards will be donated to the primary school in Guizhou.

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