Dragon Recycling | the Social Organization Summit in Siping Community was successfully held


On August 31st, Shanghai Roots & Shoots attended the Social Organization Summit in Siping Community, held between 2:00 – 4:30 PM. Numerous charity organizations were present at the event, along with the local community, government, and certain corporates. The aim of such an event is to help the government, the community and non-profit social organizations to gain a better understanding of each other and hence allows government, and individuals, to identify the specific mission statement of different charity organizations; therefore, this allows charity organizations to gain support (financial and technical) and at the same time – promote their charity.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots, as an environmental protection organization outside of Yangpu District, was dedicated and able to attain the meeting, even though the event mainly included within district area organizations & representatives. Two volunteers were sent to represent Shanghai Roots & Shoots with a mission of promoting and providing essential information to the target audience. Brochures, booklets, and promotional desk stands were presented and placed on the reserved area; children’s drawings and paintings on Roots & Shoots recyclable “green” bags were also showcased to further reflect the organization’s culture. These were all parts of the Dragon Recycling Program through which we help the general public solve their trash problems and encourage them to use the reusable and recyclable instead of plastic or disposal ones.

After all the charities/non-profit organizations finished setting up, an introductory video presentation took place for all the participants at the event before the official expo started; the video mainly contains information about the history, achievements, and success of numerous social organizations that started its activity a long time ago.  The general atmosphere was very intriguing and cheerful.

The Roots & Shoots volunteers stood at their position and greeted the audiences as they walked along. Our promotional objects helped draw the audience’s attention; consequently, Shanghai Roots & Shoots was able to deliver information about the charity itself. We were able to explain what type of organization we are and what is our main mission, including our various projects that impacted China significantly: The Million Tree Project, YES & OG Program, and the Recycling Program.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots was able to meet many different social organizations during the event, and at the same time was able to help raise awareness about some current issues in China, which is one of the most important aspects of the event. At the end of the event, we gave out some brochures and booklets, and most importantly, we were grateful that we could deliver information about The Roots & Shoots organization to many people, which allows numerous organizations and the government to understand the type of charity we are and the contributions we made to society. Hopefully more volunteers will come join us and get involved in the future.

Author: William Gao

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