Organic Garden丨2017 Volunteer Training III


Notes are taken by our volunter Mo Shiyun about making frames:

After thinning and transplanting seedlings, we need to make frames for the plants to make them grow better in the future. In this way, the vine of climbing plants will be evenly distributed and the utilization efficiency of light will be improved. Also, tied by the rope, the plants remain stable and the risk of plants lodging and being destroyed will be reduced.

To achieve this, we need solid poles with the height of around 1 meter. Insert two poles into the soil at a certain angle of inclination so that the two poles intersect. Build a row of such crossed poles and make sure that they are in alignment. Use hemp ropes to tie the intersection part of the poles in the shape of the Chinese character “之”. Here it is noteworthy that the intersection parts are at the same distance to the ground. Finally we put a longer pole onto the intersections and tie it with hemp ropes.

Note that when plugging the poles into the ground, the poles should be as closed to the plants as possible on the premise that the poles will not destroy the roots of the plants.

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