Volunteers from SSPU Trained from CML Project


Volunteers from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (SSPU) Trained from Roots & Shoots Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Project

At 1 pm on March 26th,  twenty-three student volunteers from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (SSPU) came to get trained for positions at Roots & Shoots CML Caring Center.

At first, their teacher, Bocheng Jin, introduced the volunteers to the establishment and the developments of the CML organization. CML Caring Center started with only three members, and expanded to today’s organization of more than 600 members. Despite the growth, the central theme of “caring for patients” has been preserved, which helps and encourages lots of CML patients.

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Afterwards, another teacher, Xia Yu, taught the students basic knowledge of leukemia, enabling the volunteers to get to know the disease better.

At last, psychology teacher Zhengwei Yan gave a psychology lecture. Through lecture and interaction, he reinforced the volunteers’ motivation, and improved their communication skills with patients.

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After the training, some volunteers who had participated in the group shared their experiences, hoping that others would benefit from them, and thus handle the work better.

Through the one and a half hour training, the volunteers got to know about Roots & Shoots CML Organization, and also learned the importance of being a volunteer: that they would need to physically and mentally care for the patients and help them face life with optimism.

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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