Shanghai has adopted her new Household Garbage Management Regulations on 1 July 2019. On the night of 28 June, Shanghai Roots & Shoots had organized a Waste Disposal and Recycling Salon in the Bridge+TheMetro Auditorium inside Ascendas Innovation Place to dispel myths about garbage sorting and share with our participants on how we should classify garbage.

Our programme participants were Roots & Shoots’ partners and volunteers. We have invited three guest speakers to come and share their experiences and tips on garbage disposal and recycling. They are professionals in the fields of counselling psychology, skin care product development, and environmental and drainage engineering. They also have a common identity of eco-expert in daily life.

He Fan, a 4-year Roots & Shoots volunteer

Sharing topics: Dispelling Myths About Garbage Sorting, Sustainable Lifestyle

Yu Yilin, a 10-year Roots & Shoots volunteer

Sharing topics: Corporate Sustainable Development Policies, How To Select Environmentally-friendly Materials In Production

Cheng Xueting, a 4-year Roots & Shoots volunteer

Sharing topics: The Destination of Domestic Garbage, Environmentally-sustainable Lifestyle


During the programme, participants asked questions on waste sorting. We discussed and exchanged insights on proper ways to treat garbage as well as tips on eco-lifestyle.

After the sharing, we reviewed on the Dragon Recycling Program 2018 with our participants. We organized an Award Presentation Ceremony to appreciate the outstanding contribution by our enthusiastic volunteers of the Dragon Recycling Program. Certificates of appreciation and exquisite stainless-steel straw and cutlery sets were given to our awardees.

Light meal and beverages were provided by the Camel Sports Bar Shanghai. Participants were environmentally conscious and brought their own reusable cutleries. They actively sorted the garbage produced after having their meal.

The event ended at 20:00. The sharing not only let our participants understand deeper about knowledge on garbage sorting and environmentally-friendly practices, but also let us reflect the wasteful practices in our daily lives. Please stay tuned for our latest news on the Dragon Recycling Program. Let us protect our environment together and be waste-free warriors!

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