White Cup Contest


Event: White Cup Contest
Group Name: “Roots & Shoots”, Shanghai Foreign Language School
Event Date: 2014-11~12
Report Submitter: Liu Si Jia
Participant Number: 45

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As the temperature continually lowers, people often choose a cup of hot coffee to warm themselves. But what do you do with the cups after drinking? After doing some research, we realized that millions of used Starbuck’s cups are dumped each year without any use.

So, in winter of 2014, students from Shanghai Foreign Language School tried to lessen this problem. After initial discussion, we decided to hold a Starbucks white cup contest by combining recycling with free-hand sketching. We held the first contest inside the SFLS Roots and Shoots club. First, we recycled around 30 cups from  Starbucks in the nearby area. Then, we divided our club members into 13 groups and chose a leader for each one. Finally, each group was given a cup and was asked to turn it into art by using any kind of technique. After the contest, these cups were collected and displayed at our school.

上外附中-2014 11-1

However, there were some lingering problems. Because the holidays were near, Starbucks only sold red cups in place of white cups. This became a challenge for group members, as the sketching became more difficult. So, it was a surprise that people were still able to make high quality work. Among them, some cups were painted into a series, which included starlight, oceans, cherry blossoms, etc. Others were glued with colorful paper, which solved the problem of being unable to sketch directly on the cup. Each cup was mixed not only with insightfulness  and creativity, but also with the zeal and faith of  promoting environmental protection.

上外附中-2014 11-2

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