YES | A “Green” Feast for “Earth Month”


Walt Disney VoluntEARs serve the national-wide Roots & Shoots Community every Earth Month. This year, again, we brought a green feast to the youth of Roots & Shoots in 5 cities with 6 varied topics. They built a big mosaic of Earth Month Celebration globally.

  • No Plastic Bags on April 11th @Nanjing

About 50 pupils and 20 Disney VoluntEARs rubbed their own unique leaf-print cloth bags with colorful paintings and different-shape leaves to pledge for “No Plastic Bags” at Najing Tianzheng Primary School .

  • No-dig Garden on April 13rd  @Shanghai

10 VoluntEARs help students in Shanghai Jinzhou School to build a no-dig garden at campus for organic farming.  It consists of dry barks, organic fertilizer, compost and straw. When the no-dig “soil” built , they sowed the seeds and several tomato seedlings, expecting a good harvest in the coming Fall.

  • Plant in Honey Pot on April 18th @Shenzhen

35 kids painted their own honey pots with help and support from 18 Disney VoluntEARs at Shenzhen SUSTEC Experimental School.  They planted succulent in the Honey Pot afterward and bring the green home and family.

  • Little Nature Assistants on April 18th @Chendu

On the same day, 30+ children, together with VoluntEARs, acted as Little Nature Assistants to build bird nests and the fences at their schools. They also labeled the plants as well. These activities meant different to them who can not talk. Silence is stronger than oral language . They green their campus by hand and action!

  • Beach Cleaning on  April 21st  @Guangzhou

About 50 VoluntEARs gathered at the beach of the Pearl River Estuary on April 21 at the risk of rain and high tide. They were divided into 8 groups to pick up the trash so as to clean the beach. With professional guidance, they did a great job that afternoon,  cleaning  200 square meters of beach with 31 kg trash.

  • Beach Cleaning on  April 25th @Shanghai

Disney VoluntEARs in Shanghai also did a surprising work at Nanhui on April 25.  They, under the burning sunshine, collected 1684 pieces (160.2 kg) of trash on the beach, cleaning an shore area of  3200 square meters .

Time flies. But in the short 30 days of April, Shanghai Roots & Shoots and Walt Disney VoluntEARs performed a scroll of green activities to save the plant. This was a confirmed result from trusted partnership.  We could make a better difference together!

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