As the new fall season approaches, the first session of 2020 YES Mentor Orientation officially began.

Through fun ice-breaking games, all participants started to get to know each other and opened their minds to think freely. In the training, our older friends were very interested in the various themed YES Sample Classes. Everyone understood the basic skills of efficient communication through simple paper tearing activities. They also learnt the importance of body language in class instruction. On the same day, the volunteers also experienced a part of YES Sample Classes. In groups, they were asked to perform YES classes with provided teaching resources.

In the first sample class “Bees”, YES Mentor candidates tried to use papers to imitate the structure of honeycombs, exploring the inter-disciplinary teaching practice in environmental education; in the sample class “ROOTS & SHOOTS BAGS”, they made a seed bag to create the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions for germination. Afterwards, they could also guide students to write in natural journals as a class extension activity.

After the lunch break, it was time for volunteers to apply their mentoring skills. They chose one YES Sample Class and performed it on-site in groups. They discussed the best implementation strategies for each specific teaching procedure.

After this one-day training, every volunteer had not only consolidated their teaching skills, but also became like-minded charity partners.

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