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In early spring, Shanghai Roots & Shoots (R&S) was honorably invited by Shanghai Disney Resort to participate in the “Praise the Earth” Spring Carnival. On the beautiful lawn of the Disney Town by the lake, R&S prepared a variety of interactive games, such as The Adventures of Caterpillar, The Smiling Leaves, The Journey of Migratory Birds, and Worm 123.

In the “Adventures of Caterpillar” session, children were able to learn about the four stages of metamorphosis eggs, caterpillars, cocoons  and imagines like butterflies or moths. Magnifying glasses were used on site to aid observing living silkworms. The complete metamorphosis of butterflies will help the children understand the importance of these insects in nature.

The “Smiling Leaves” made the children first observe all kinds of leaves of different shapes such as the oval, the linear, and the lanceolate. Then the children were asked to stick or draw a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth on one leaf. How creative the children were to create the smiling leaves.

The”Journey of Migratory Birds” was a board game designed by R&S, simulating both dangers and opportunities that the migratory birds would have during migration. Through the game, children were able to learn the roles that wetlands play for the migratory birds. For the birds, it seems increasingly urgent to call on environmental protection.

Worm 123” should be one of the most popular games during the whole carnival. Our volunteers introduced to the children about the 3 preconditions for being insects which are ONE pairs of antennae, TWO pairs of wings, THREE pairs of legs. The children were asked to identify insects from a variety of creatures. We were all very happy because the children learned about how to identify insects meanwhile improving their identification capability.


It soon came to the end of the 10-day Carnival though, the feeling of exhaustion was quickly swept away by the laughter of the children and participants. We are all looking forward to the carnival of next year.

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