2013 Rotary Club Award for Roots & Shoots


Tori Zwisler, Chairman of the Boards, has led Shanghai Roots and Shoots to expand and involve youth, schools, and corporations in sustainable work over the past years. Tori had been awarded the Rotary Leadership Award, at the annual Gala Dinner held by The Rotary Club of Shanghai. The award recognizes outstanding individuals and programs that are making notable socially responsible achievements both in the city of Shanghai and throughout China.

The award consisted of two categories: a ‘program’ category for corporate and nonprofit organizations whose programs or projects exemplify extraordinary managerial and innovative excellence; have a high commitment to socially responsible activities, and represent notable models that encourage other individuals and organizations to be active in the community; and an ‘individual’ category for single individuals who have initiated fine community works; projects and programs which, over time, have had a positive impact in the local community.

Shanghai Roots and Shoots is involved with many programs, ranging from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs such as Million Tree Project, Eco Office and KidStrong, to programs involving youth in schools such as the YES program and Organic Gardening. All the programs mentioned above. All the programs are successful and exemplary programs in Shanghai and all over China. Tori, being the Board Chair of Shanghai Roots & Shoots oversee all the programs.


The other winners of the individual category are:

  • Zhang Yichao, Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center
  • Corinne Hua, Stepping Stones
  • Christine Cullen, Heart to Heart Shanghai
  • LYU Shunling, CereCare Wellness Center for Children

Shanghai’s Rotary Club was first founded in 1919 as part of Rotary International which is the world’s largest voluntary organization with 1.2 million members and more than 34,000 clubs in 200 countries. It has no political or religious leanings and primarily relies on the financial donations and time of its members to implement community services programs throughout the world.

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