Earth Hour


School name: Second Military Medical University

R&S group name: Green Moon Environmental Voluntary Association

Grade of students: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior

Number of students:12

Writer of this report: Min qu

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Earth Hour is an activity proposed by WWF to cope with global climate change, hoping that individuals, communities, businesses and governments turn off lights from 20:30 to 21:30 on the last Saturday of March each year, to show their support to action on climate change. The activities from planning to implementation lasted a month, the expenditure mainly in the production of posters and posters and other aspects of publicity costs, totaling 700 yuan. about 12 people participate in the event. The publicity department is responsible for the production of posters and display boards, and the activities department and the outreach department are responsible for coordinating the lights out of the bedroom. The secretary is responsible for making the push.

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