“DREAMERS” Charity Sales In the Garden Party


Event:“DREAMERS”  Charity Sales In the Garden Party

Group Name:No. 2 High School of E.C.N.U R&S Volunteer Team

Event Date:2015-12-30

Report Submitter:Li Yongqian

Participant Number: 9

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This activity is our charity sale at our school fair. During the Art Festival of our school, a school fair was held. With the opportunity to learn from the experience of other R&S groups, we believe that holding a charity sale would be a good idea. All the goods we sold were the products from public interest organizations, and most of these products were environmentally friendly.  For this reason, as we sold goods, we were also advocating the concept and a common will of the environmental protection.

This  sale lasted from 14:00 pm to 17:30 on Dec.31st, our group members took responsibility of our  Roots & Shoots bazaar stall in three time periods, 12:30 to 13: 30,13: 30 ~ 14:30 , and 14:30 – 15:00, respectively. Eight members volunteered to take charge of our charity activities, each of the members except me should be there for a specific period of time, and each time period should have at least two members to take the responsibility.Through this way, none of them had to be staying there during the entire school fair.


The purchase cost of all commodities is 546.28 yuan. All products we sold were purchased from the non-profit public organizations which produced them before the sale. Among all products, the three-dimensional paper-cut was widely welcomed; even if the price was high, they were all sold out quickly. Our stall attracted many schoolmates at the beggining, but peoples interests declined during the event, resulting in the underwhelming feedback.

 Even though there was surplus, our sale turned out to be profitable. The total income of this event was 821.83 yuan in total, significantly higher than the purchase cost.

Based on the result of the sale we held last year and some calculations, we bought the goods according to the number that we estimiated to sell. This plan was actually a little risky. For the next charity sale, we will plan differently by directly communicating with public organizations and “borrowtheir products. After the end of our sale, we will return all the remaining products and costs. We will also try to do other kinds of activities in which we can interact with students and enhance the influence of our R&S group.

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