Scorching Summer Breeds Refreshing Green — A review of the “Million Tree Project” events in July


“Half Desert, Half Grassland” – YES Outstanding Volunteer Summer Camp

Between Jul. 12, 2015 to Jul. 17, 2015, 18 outstanding volunteers of the YES program arrived inTongLiao, Inner Mongolia, where the Million Tree Project is located.  where Million Tree Project has been running for years,  to join in the“Half Desert, Half Grassland” Summer Camp. During the next 5 days, the volunteers and their supervisors experienced the sunsets in desert, made the straw check-broads, participated in the forest eco-survey , and  finally relaxed in the picturesque grasslands of Zhalute Qi having a taste of the nomadic life. At the personal reflection meeting on the last day, the volunteers not only prudently analysed the data obtained from the eco-survey, but also reviewed all the exciting unforgettable moments together, which drew the 2015 YES summer camp to a successful closing.

YES camp 1YES Camp 2

(left) Volunteers are conducting an eco-survey in the forest;   (right) A beautiful scene  of Zhalute grassland;
YES Camp 3YES Camp 4

(left) Volunteers pose at the straw check-board they made together; (right) Volunteers listen deliberately to the introduction of  desertification;

Maserati Family Camp 2015

On Jul. 18, 2015, Maserati China joining hands with Shanghai Roots & Shoots, invited its staff team, , dealers, press representatives friends and their family members on a special  tree-planting trip.  In Keerqinzuoyi Hou Qi, TongLiao, Inner Mongolia, they planted pine seedlings by themselves, contributing their efforts towards the improvement of the local environment. The family camp consisted of 42 volunteers, the youngest being of only three years old.

Maserati trip 1

Children listen carefully to the instructions  before tree planting.

Despite the burning sun, the kids, together with their parents, worked hard in transporting seedlings, measuring planting space, digging holes, planting and irrigating trees. Even though it was all very new to them, they tried their best and did a good job. The parents said that, “children who live in big cities rarely have opportunities to see deserts, let alone planting trees in a windy, dry and dusty environment. Adventures like this can not only raise children’s environmental awareness, but also teach them to be grateful and conserve the environment they live in.”

Maserati Camp 2

The children are busy figuring out how to use the tools.

Mr. Mirko Bordiga,  Managing Director of Maserati China said, “the dealers and friends from the press arepart of the big family of Maserati. The purpose of inviting them and their family members on this unique trip was to contribute our combined efforts towards a better environment, and raise our children’s awareness to protect the earth through an hands-on experience fighting against desertification.”

Maserati Camp 3

Experiencing the farm life.

Maserati China initiated the partnership with the Million Tree Project in 2012 helping Shanghai Roots & Shoots to accomplish its goal of planting one million trees two years earlier than planned.  Since then, Maserati China has donated a total of 91,850 trees , of which the average survival rate is around 68%. Committed to long-term maintenance of the trees, Maserati plays an active part in monitoring the forest, and studying its impact on the eco-system.

2015 OJI Tree Planting Trip

OJI Group China sent 30 representatives on the  2015 tree planting trip, of which 25 are outstanding employees from China and five from Japan. They spent 4 hours working hard in the sun and planted a total of 309 trees. 30,000 more trees will be planted on the same site under the name of OJI Forest in the future.

OJI trip 1

Working hard on desertified land.

This is the second year of OJI planting with Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project and the fourth year of OJI’s tree planting program.  Under the guidance and with the support from Roots & Shoots, the OJI team did a wonderful job. Their passion and enthusiasm  inspired the  tour guide and driver who joined them planting trees. The party secretary of the local village  brought cold drinks to say thank-you to every one on the team.

OJI team’s hard work paid off left behind rows and rows of green trees standing firmly on the sandy land. It is everyone’s  hope that the trees wil grow into a lush forest in the years to come. Each individual can play a role in protecting the environment.

OJI trip 2

Newly planted seedlings braving the summer heat.

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