2014 Shanghai R&S World CML Day


Shanghai Roots and Shoots Home of Hope celebrated the 9•22 World CML Day with nearly 150 patients in Shanghai Gong Yi Xin Tian Di.


CML is the missing section from chromosome 22 shifts to chromosome 9 and vice versa, which called “translocation”. The date, September 22, was symbolically chosen to represent this genetic material. At present, the World CML Day, which aims at making the public acquainted with CML and increasingly paying attention to it, has met with a response from 61 nations and 78 patients’ organizations. We made a full preparation, not only planning the wonderful activities, but also preparing practical gift packs.

Tory& ZeeZee

The event started on time. The Board Chair of Shanghai R&S Tori Zwisler and the Executive Director Zeezee Zhong attended the event and delivered the opening speech. Yan Zhengwei, the chief consultant from Wales Psychological clinic organized an activity with our patients. Then, Yuan Zhengyun, the president of Shanghai Cancer Recover Club gave the speech, The Third Life. In a humorous way, he shared his experience and inspiration from cancer that is cancer isn’t frightening and cancer doesn’t mean death. When we fight against cancer, what we get is the Third Life. He encouraged the patients present to treat the disease in a positive attitude.


Later, we took a group photograph to memorize this special event. After lunch, the most desirable part——consulting with doctors face to face began. We invited 4 hematologists and CML specialists in the consultant section. They are MD. ZHOU Li from Rui Jin Hospital, MD. HUANG Honghui from Ren Ji Hospital, MD. QIU Huiyin from Chang Hai Hospital and MD. QIU Zhongchuan from Shu Guang Hospital. Before that, MD. QIU Huiyin, MD. HUANG Honghui and MD. ZHOU Li presented three lectures, covering different aspects of CML treatments. During this section, patients seized this precious opportunity to seek doctors’ opinion. Four doctors answer the questions in patience and detail. The whole event ended in such a heated discussion.


At the end of the event, some patients showed gratitude to our organization for that we provide a platform for them to have the opportunity of knowing each other and chatting with each other. Living up to the expectation of them, we will more effects. Let’s look forward to the reunion of 2015 World CML Day.


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