Dragon Recycling|A “Zero-Waste” Office Starts From Now


On the noon of December 24th, Shanghai Roots & Shoots, as a member of the e. Nanjing Rd Subdistrict syndicate, held an environment-themed workshop for  30 office workers from the surrounding office buildings.

 What is a zero-waste lifestyle? What to the zero-waste pioneers do during their life? How can we build a zero waste office? How can we reduce carbon dioxide emission by proper recycling? These were the hot topics talked on the workshop. 

Besides, to encourage less negative effect on the Earth, it was such an opportunity to make full use of some natural elements, for example, a household detergent made of soapberries. Making soapberry detergent is never a difficult case, as long as the soapberries are boiled with water for just 15 minutes. Then, it is ready for use.

Before the New Year, everybody at the workshop was happy to receive their new year presents: a glad talk with other office workers from different enterprises, a natural DIY detergent, a useful gift for their office work, and a zero-waste lifestyle in the future.

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