AIA Farm Tour in May 2014


On May 24th 2014, Shanghai Roots&Shoots held a one-day organic farm tour at BioFarm with 19 AIA employees.


The organic farm tour has included farm tour, organic nutriment, knitting factory, volunteer service, and picking plant etc.

With the kind welcome from the technique director of BioFarm, participants first got to know the condition of the farm, and discussed “what is organic”, “what are the drawbacks of genetically modified foods”, etc. Surrounded by colorful, familiar, or unknown plants, volunteers raised their questions and spoke their concerns to technique director. The director gave excellent answers to all the absurd and strange questions, which expanded participants’ horizon with variety of new knowledge.

The making of organic nutriment surprised students in depth. As for these goofy earthworms, we worked together using plastic bottle to make a simple shelter for them to live in. The used newspaper and skins of fruits and veges that we put into shelter are their favorite food. And when the digestion of used newspaper and skins of fruits and veges are done, it will be benefit to organic nutriment.

After organic nutriment, Mr. Song pulled a wood cart attracted everyone’s attention. We collected plants’ leaves at farm together, loaded them to the cart, and pushed to the nutriment ground. Although the temperature was pretty high, participants still kept positive energy and attitude.

In knitting factory, Ms. Cao from Taiwan explained patiently the process of how to make recycling bags by using used wool. After his/her introduction, everyone is eager to try it.

At last, we picked aloe, lettuces and leeks. What a successful harvest day!



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