Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Takes Part in Training of Environmental Education


On February 27, 2013, Shanghai Roots and Shoots Organic Garden team went to Alcatel Lucent Shanghai, and trained more than 30 learners.

During the training, ice-breaking, teaching techniques, and simulated courses are some procedures that educate the learners about the participatory education approaches.

Alcatel Lucent Shanghai 201302-1

A ice-breaking process called “Signature Movement” enabled the learners to break the ice and connect to each other by parodying each other’s body position. This also brought much fun to the training.

How the first session ought to be prepared, how the class can be disciplined … these actually teaching obstacles are given solutions by the team to the learners during the technical impartation section.

With a leaf, a toothbrush, and a foil, learners got their hands on the making of a leaf-vein book mark. After searing, brushing, washing, and dying, the leaf became a translucent elegant book mark.

Alcatel Lucent Shanghai 201302 -2

Alcatel Lucent Shanghai is a long-term sponsor of Organic Garden. It helped build a Organic Garden for Shanghai Dabie Mountain Elementary School. Thank you!

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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