Group Report丨Conclusion for the winter natural education in Quzhou


Event: Winter Nnatural Education in Quzhou

Group Name: JZIB(High school affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University IB Center)Roots & Shoots Club

Event Date: 2018.1.30~2018.2.1

Report Submitter: Aaron Yang

Participant Number: 25

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On January 30, 2018, the members of JZIB(High school affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University IB Center)Roots & Shoots gathered at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. There is a significant thing for us needed to be done during this winter holiday, that is, at the invitation of Mu Fu Rong (a school club that provides voluntary teaching in remote areas.) making a natural education for the kids in Quzhou.

Right after we arrived the hotel in Quzhou, we started preparing the courses and activities that would be used the next day. We considered all kinds of the factors that might influence our natural education, the local terrain, the weather, the local traditions, etc, and made the initial set of the general content of the next day. We shared our opinions, being invited to make the natural education for the first time really made all of us nervous.

After introducing the 2 school clubs and Roots & Shoots, we began our day with the warm-up game “Bats and Moths”.

With the kids being more and more active during the warm-up games, they seemed to be less nervous and strange, and became more willing to join us, share their feelings and learnings from the games. As a prize, we give them some candies that we bought in Shanghai as we learned that it was very hard for these kids who from remote areas to get candies.

We all got an unforgettable time there.

As for the game sharing time of the “Bats and Moths”, we explained in detail why the bats finally cannot catch any moths, they deeply realized how significant it is to stop human-beings from devastating the environment, also it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the Earth.

One of the most educational games is the “compiling the web of life”. Members of Mu Fu Rong also took part in our games. When one part of a “food web” was influenced by human activities, all of the rest parts of the web will be affected.

We ended the meaningful day in a joyful song played by the director of MFR Victor. Through these kids’ eyes, I could see the purest thing in the world. I hope there are more and more kids who can still conserve the respect and love for the nature in heart when they are developing the technologies. We wish there will be less pollution and more green landscapes in Quzhou.

At the very last, it is a paper crane made by the establisher and the co-leader of JZIB Roots & Shoots. Hoping every piece of land, every dust on the earth will return to where it originally was, hoping there will be less and less pollution on the Earth. Natural Education, environmental protection, join us!

Special thanks to MFR Club.

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