U039-The Second Military Medical University


The University was established in the year of 1949 named as East-China People Medicine College in that time. From the year of 1950, the name was changed as Shanghai PLA Medicine University. From Jul, 1951, the name was officially changed as No. 2 Army Medical University.

The University is the key school in the list of National 211 Plan and Army 2110 Plan. It is one of the school listed in 3 Army postgraduate college, and also is one of the college of 11 universities which were established as 8-years medicine education universities, one of the college of 36 National Life Scientific and Technology Cultivating Basements.

Green Moon Environmental Voluntary Association was established from 18th September 2000. ”Protect the environment, Act now, Promote actively, Practice successively” has always been our aim. We devote ourselves to organize activities of environmental protection on campus. Also, we make effort to promote the idea of cutting carbon-emission and conduct these activities by ourselves.

Supported by the leaders in the school, the association is developing with all the hardwork from our members. Now, Green Moon has become an influential association among all the schools in Shanghai.

There are four departments in Green Moon including: activity department, public relations department, publicity department and secretary department. They work smoothly together which lead to great achievements today.

Green Moon initiated several activities such as “Earth hour”, ”Flea market”, “Green fashion show”, “Used battery recycle”, “Fruit greeting card” and so on. These activities not only promote the idea of environmental protection but also enrich extra-curriculum life of students. At the same time, Green Moon has cooperated with off-campus environmental-protection organizations ,for instance :Shanghai College Students Environmental Protection Alliance, shanghai Roots & Shoots and so forth. Green Moon has been awarded “2004 Outstanding Association In Shanghai”, “2007 Outstanding summer project”, “outstanding youth association” in 2007 and “three-star community” in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

After all we have been through in the last 16 years, we will step forward and commit to the work for environmental protection.

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