Shanghai No.3 Girls Middle School


Shanghai No.3 Girls Middle School

——Green Rhythm Group

Our team is National Red Scarf Excellent Club as well as star club of our school. Our every particular gesture and behavior is so influential that we become the focus of teachers’ and students’ attention. It is said that Environment Club plays the rhyme of green in the campus and is pregnant with green hope.

We aim at people’s awareness of taking the Earth environment seriously and reducing personal pollution to the environment. We will make knowledge of environmental protection widely available to cultivate people’s social responsibility by strengthening people’s awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation. Through our activities, more and more people will attach greater importance to environmental protection and to popularize the environmental awareness in the daily life. We devote to providing an opportunity for environment enthusiasts to learn and communicate their ideas of environmental protection. Meanwhile, most students in the campus can know more knowledge and ideas of environmental protection, and improve their enthusiasm.

Our club insists on democracy, learning from each other, equal cooperation and common development. We are able to accept every criticism and suggestion from you with an open mind and take an active part in implementing ideas of environmental protection in our daily work.

All the members of our club are not content with just serving our campus. We have broadened our scope to community, different primary, secondary and institutions of higher learning, offices and part of shopping arcades. We make good use of people’s enthusiasm and determination of environmental protection. We are determined to affect as many people as possible with our little strength. We believe that no matter how small and insignificant change people take, all of them will definitely play unique roles in environmental protection.

Although our environment club still has a long way to go, we will struggle unremittingly like in the past to play wonderful rhythm of hope where people need us!

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