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Shanghai University of Political Science and Law was established in 1984. SHUPL is situated in the SheShan mountain scenic area , covering an area of about 72 hectares, which is gradually becoming the “Garden Campus at the foot of SheShan ”. The Green Allies of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law was formed on September 2007, and joined in Shanghai Roots&Shoots at the same time and became Shanghai Roots&Shoots team. Our aim is “To live a green life and create a harmonious atmosphere in the society ”.

We have participated in the activities hosted by Shanghai Roots&Shoots since 2007 such as “Eco Office”, “Organic Garden”, “Roots&Shoots course”, “anti-plastic bags” ,“the Roots&Shoots day” and so forth which are really popular among students. At the meantime, we have also organized activities actively by ourselves which were received the high praise such as “Green Party”, ”Green Carnival”, ”Exchanging waste products for reusable bags” and so on.

We have spread the concept of protecting wetlands all over the south-west area of Shanghai through the “volunteers for wetlands” activity held in the summer vacation in 2008. Under the influence of us, SheShan kindergarten and ZhuJiaJiao Middle School which are located in the vicinity of our university have joined in Shanghai Roots&Shoots one after another.

This is just a beginning. Our Roots&Shoots team will become better and better.

Green Fasion Environmental Protection Alliance which is a society for the combination of environmental protection and public welfare was founded in September,2007.Every member of the society keen on the cause of environmental protection.They carried out various activities, propaganda environmental protection knowledge, with their enthusiasm for the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, with their own power to contribute to society.Our main cooperative objects are green ring volunteer service center and root and bud environmental protection organization.

First, the main activities:

1)days of community volunteer activities

1.Activity background

Day – level community activity center is a group of people with love, vitality, from all walks of life, is willing to serve migrant workers from the family of volunteers consisting of a mutual aid platform. In order to care into the community, migrant workers and their children, promote the harmonious development of the community; the settlement was established in the community center of migrant workers mode for migrant workers Suiqian children and provide continuous and comprehensive, with its demand for education and social services.

2.Activity content

Every Saturday to the Qingpu District Baihe Town, counseling Tianjie Community Service Center for children of migrant workers in students’ homework, class play games with them, communication. Not only the spread of knowledge, but also the spread of vitality.

2)Pizza Hut small green Superman “activities

1, activity background:

Green hut little Superman “in 2010 by the China environmental protection foundation combined with Yum China division in the 17 Pizza Hut brand city initiated a National College of public environmental protection practice project, designed to attract outstanding students and training volunteers” hand in hand “, in accordance with the” growth “green hut little Superman game class content. To carry out environmental education curriculum in primary school.

“Growth story” little green Superman Pizza Hut contains water conservation, waste classification, game course of new energy, biological diversity, the 5 stage, we use a year’s time, by preparing courseware, making teaching, organizing activities, exercise skills, let the children play in the process of free, creative and open happy to become a master of low-carbon environmental knowledge, consciously promote green living concept of “green hut little superman”.

Concept of activity: big hand, a project to benefit two generations

Parents are the children’s best teachers, children are parents the best teacher, “big hand little hand, a project to benefit two generations” is the biggest feature of the project. Project cultivate students’ environmental awareness, the majority of volunteers to develop environmental behavior, at the same time, through the system management, orientation training, volunteer exchanges to enhance individual ability, promote the development of the environmental community, public service personnel training, to promote the development of civil society.

Activity content and summary

Mid month Tuesday afternoon to Sheshan schools for students on environmental protection course, share their   experience on environmental protection, interact with students.

From 2012 next Pizza Hut small green Superman activities so far, the team has 3 years of experience of environmental education. From the first timid to the present, we accompany the growth of small superman. Our long-term cooperation with nearby primary school, transfer the concept of environmental protection, to help children establish environmental awareness. Also actively participate in the exchange, learn from each other.


We will actively participate in a number of Shanghai city and the country’s large-scale environmental protection competition, contribute their own green gold ideas. In addition, we also actively carry out environmental protection activities in some schools, such as hanging tree brand activities, at the same time we also and other school environmental protection organizations maintain close contact and exchange experience in the regular meeting, make progress together.

Our society is not subject to the fee, all the new required fee at the beginning of the semester by the president himself at their own expense.Green hut little Superman “activities will be submitted according to our ticket, every year about 1500 yuan of funds for us, for the fare reimbursement, the courses required for students to purchase materials, stationery and other activities.In addition, the community volunteer day order reimbursed travel expenses 14 yuan, and board.


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