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The Environment Protection Club of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), which has been strongly supported and guided by professional teachers since its foundation in 2002 , is a registered community of Shanghai. Mainly, it cooperates with the Environmental Science Practice, carrying on activities such as teaching pupils environmental protection and doing scientific experiments.

Besides, as a member of Shanghai University Environmental Union, it keeps close cooperation with both other universities’ clubs and social organizations like NGOs or NPOs.

In a word, the Environmental Protection Club of USST is a community of creation, team spirit and progress.

Environmental protection association was established in the year 2002, its full name is “Young volunteers association of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology” which was affiliated to the environment and architect college in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. And, it was strongly supported by professional teachers. The aim of the association is to put national education for environmental protection into effect, hold lively, educational activities of social profit, so as to enrich extra-curriculum life on campus and improve all-round ability of students. “blue water and sky, green land, enthusiasm, love and dedication” is our slogan.

We has enrolled over 300 members since it set up. It has been awarded several medals in the community and school. At the same time, we are one of the members in the university environmental protection alliance and has cooperated and communicated with other NGO,NPO.

On campus, we are promoting the idea of environmental protection in many forms and conduct various voluntary activities with students in primary and middle schools. Moreover, we have organized interaction among students and teachers. We launched “Earth hour” activity on the playground and had received heated welcome.

Our aim is to hold more activities in the following years to train more talented people, improve the vitality and team spirit, put environmental protection into practice.

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