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Clean teeth, no cavities, no oral pain, and normal gum color are the main indicators of oral health, which is crucial to people’s overall well-being. For this reason, we need to promote oral health among children from a tender age.

According to the Fourth (Chinese) National Oral Health Epidemiological Survey, 70.9% of 5-year-old children have primary dental caries and 34.5% of 12-year-olds have permanent dental caries. The incidence of caries among children in rural areas is higher than that in urban areas. Meanwhile, the periodontal health status of teenagers is alarming as gingival bleeding and calculus are very common.

Launched in 2006, Shanghai Roots & Shoots KidStrong Program aims to build a brighter future for migrant children, focusing on improving the lives of migrant children by providing educational resources and healthcare services. Since 2009, Shanghai Renai Hospital has become a trustworthy supporter of KidStrong Eye Care and Dental Care Project. Till now, the project has achieved 14,000 person-time dental check-ups; more than 3,800 students received dental treatment, and 3,800 students have received dental sealing.

This June marks the 41st “June 1st” Shanghai Dental Care Day! The theme of this event is ‘Prevention of the pandemic should not be lax, oral care should not stop’. To encourage preventive oral care and promote dental health education among children and adolescents, on May 30th Shanghai Roots & Shoots collaborated with Shanghai Renai Hospital to establish a KidStrong Oral Health Education Base inside the hospital. Our goals include organizing regular educational activities for KidStrong partner schools and opening online oral consultation sessions for the parents.

The activity was broadcasted live on the Internet. Dentist from Shanghai Renai Hospital online answered many questions about dental care, and encourage children to maintain good oral health habits and dietary behaviors. The online interaction was well received by the audience.

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