Moulding Health to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Moulding Health to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

—-R&S CML Home of Hope Promoting Healthy Living Event

On Oct. 28, 2011, Shanghai R&S Home of Hope hosted an event at No. 250, Fengyang Road, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Profession Association which advocated the idea of living healthily. The event was coordinated by Ms. Yu Xia, and its activities included discussions on health exercises and on communication between patients. Patients from Xuhui, Jingan, Luwan, Huangpu, Putou, Baoshan, Yangpu, and Changning attended the event.

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The patients’ illnesses were mostly caused by unhealthy habits, much like many other chronic diseases. The first activity was watching a video on day-to-day health exercises. A professor and experienced patient demonstrated for us various ways to deal with the common chronic diseases. The health exercises used traditional Chinese massages and methods of acupuncture, which relieved long-term nerve fatigue and relaxed the muscles. The charismatic narrator and the vivid demonstration kept everyone interested and engaged. The obvious aches of the patient were soon relieved and the patient looked relaxed, which proved that the exercise was useful and efficient. Keeping good habits, doing exercises, and thus improving one’s health are more effective to the body than any sort of medicine will ever be.

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The event’s discussion session brought the afternoon to its climax.  In this activity, patients gathered in pairs or in groups and shared their personal experiences with the disease. The communication between patients always  seems to be more effective than guidance from doctors. Sharing information such as “which food is useful to cure that illness” or “the side effects of this kind of medicine” will surely benefit all the patients, but patient-to-patient discussion goes beyond that experience, for here they also a share their thoughts and emotions. CML patients are often lonely, anxious, and have been living with the disease for a long time. They feel distanced from most people in society. Such occasions like this where they can share whats in their minds make then realize that they’re not alone. With every sentence and discussion, with every look and encounter, these patients are able to understand each other. Every type of person here is brought together in their struggle against the disease. Their laughter and chatting strengthens each other, and thus, all the patients are be more optimistic towards themselves.

This activity was of great use in time and benefited all the patients very much. “R&S CML Hope of Home” will bring more hope and brightness to patients. All they need is the love from society and more friends to encourage them!

The goal of “R&S CML Hope of Home” is aimed at caring and helping patients, improving their quality of life, and inevitably prolonging their lives. We will never give up!

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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