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CRC Home of Hope is a patient group for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. Our mission is to help CRC patients to live a better and longer life, as well as to raise the awareness of CRC in the society.

CRC Home of Hope’s WeChat Platform

The WeChat platform of CRC Home of Hope covers a variety of contents, including colorectal cancer guide, personalized therapy, tips for fighting cancer and patient assistance programs. CRC patients and their families can follow this WeChat account. In this WeChat platform, they receive messages featuring event news, colorectal cancer studies and patient stories.

Shanghai Roots & Shoots CRC Home of Hope — Colorectal Cancer Patient Care Program

Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Home of Hope, the cancer patient care program was founded in 2008. The program has been supporting thousands of cancer patients, providing them with a platform to interact with each other. The program also organizes events for the patients, to support them in the fight against cancer.

CRC Home of Hope started in 2016. The program will organize various kinds of events, including patient education seminars, counseling sessions, patient meetings and outdoor activities. In these events, the patients can get to know each other, share their stories and learn from each other.

Home of Hope will also spread colorectal cancer related knowledge, cancer studies, patient stories and event news via WeChat platform and newsletters.

Diagnosis with colorectal cancer could be challenging for every patient and their family. We hope to support them to adapt, to make their own treatment decisions and think positively. We have seen many cancer patients achieved these and living a happy life. We believe every colorectal cancer patient can make it.

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