One Root One Dream—March 12 Hundred-man Tree-Planting Activity


One Root One Dream—March 12 Hundred-man Tree-Planting Activity

Shanghai Roots & Shoots Office Manager Yuqing Li

On March 12, 2011, over two hundred people, including those from thirteen business corporations and twenty-three schools, and more than thirty individual volunteer representatives, together participated in the tree-planting activity organized. This activity was lead by Shanghai Roots & Shoots and made possible by Shanghai Landscaping Administrative Bureau (SLAB).  On that day, Shanghai Roots & Shoots promoted environmental protection awareness to the public, and would later start an“environment classroom” to publicize related knowledge in a following series of charity projects.

At first, the attendants gathered at Shanghai Xiang Ming Middle School, where everyone collected a model tree made by a bamboo stick and a leaf. They then planted it on a model of Horqin Sandy Land. As the number of attendants increased, the arid sand land was gradually covered with forests, showing that if everyone plants a tree, a desert can become a forest. The game “life of tree” enabled the attendants to understand the huge influence of trees on the environment. The poplars planted by Roots & Shoots in Inner Mongolia in the last twenty years has absorbed approximately 446 kg of carbon dioxide, prevented 187 kg of dust, and generated 330 kg of oxygen. Then, Yan Wu, a teacher from Hang Hua No. 1 Elementary School, not only brought pupils to participate in the charity project, but also donated enough money to fund 620 trees. Team leader of Roots & Shoots at Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Xiaochen Jin, shared his feelings about the in-school donation, he said: “I know, that I alone cannot, but together we can…” His words reflected one of the main concepts of Roots & Shoots: as long as we unite together, nothing can stop our march.

Afterwards, the attendants drove for an hour to Fengxian Bay Forest Park. Under the instructions of a professional crew, the attendants teamed up and started planting trees. Despite the cold wind from the sea, everyone enjoyed themselves. In two hours, 210 mono maples were planted.

One Root One Dream (OROD); the root is not only that of a three, but also that of all human beings; the dream is not only that of the Million Tree Project, but also that of all humans to protect the earth. OROD is a firm step towards the dream of a better future.

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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