PAPERazzi- Reusing, Infinite Possibility


Event:  PAPERazzi- Reusing, Infinite Possibility

Group Name:  Roots & Shoots,The group of visual art department of Fudan University Event

Event Date:  2012-4~5

Report Submitter: Lv Jia Ye

Participant Number: 16

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In April and May of 2012, the group of Roots and Shoots in our university joined the activity of PAPERazzi for paper recycling and reusing with students of the middle school afflicted to Shanghai international studies university.

From the project discussion of paper transportation to the reusing of paper as a result, we were faced with several little problems. For example, our university was located in Songjing District where the traffic was not very convenient to transport collected paper, but the members of the group finally solved it. For another example, because there were not very much student in our university, it is difficult for us to collect much paper.

We thought that it is not important for the amount of paper we collected but it is important to have the consciousness of environmental protection.

Through the activity, the students learned the value of paper and save paper. Many students said that they were glad to buy the notebooks made of reused paper in the future.


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