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Having perfect teeth is an important symbol of fitness. For us, teeth not only functions on chewing food and articulation, but also works for a good looking.

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During the 28th Love Your Teeth Day, the KidStrong team held a teeth-loving competition in Shouchun Migrant School, to help children understand the importance of caring teeth. Dentists from the Shanghai United Family Hospital served as the jury.

Twenty of all the 4th graders entered the final roll. Correct tooth-brushing method, colourful posters, impassioned and quick responses to the teeth-caring questions, etc. all these showed students’ good command of tooth caring knowledge.

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What’s more important is that a good habit needs long-term adherence. The dentists also led the students to learn an easy tooth-brushing song, to help them remember the method deeply and have better understanding on teeth-caring. At last, the jury ranked the first, second and third according to students’ performance, and as well some other prizes such as “ the whitest teeth”, “ the neatest teeth”, “ the best teeth-caring person” and “ the best tooth-brushing person” etc.

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The dentists also suggested it is absolutely essential to take oral examination periodically. Love your teeth, love yourself!

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