“Roots & Shoots” Organic Garden


Event: “Roots & Shoots” Organic Garden

Group Name:  Green Seeds , High school Affiliated to East China University of Science and Technology

Event Date:  2011-12

Report Submitter: Hu Xing Yuan

Participant Number: 26

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Since I became the leader of our group last year, we have looked after organic farm every day, which becomes our habit. The green sprouts, the process of the vegetables, our group members that are mutual, eager and careful, all of these made me feel warm in such a cold winter. At the beginning of this year, we were lucky enough to apply for the space seeds which China Academy of Sciences gave us. We planted the tomato seeds into Seedling pot firstly. After we planted it into the soil, the typhoon came. Only one sprout was survived. Fortunately, the sprout grew up and fruited in June. At the same time, my friends and I got some seeds like loofah, chilli, and cucumber from our teacher. We planted those into the organic farm and watered them every day. Because of the suitable temperature, adequate sunlight and good care, plants grew fast. We got fruits in August. There is no doubt that fruits were delicious. We also shared them to our classmates. When we came back to school in September, we found that the weeds in farm were nightmare. Then we weeded the grass and loosened the soil ourselves. After that, lettuces, garlic and rapes were replaced into the soil. Currently, we look after them every day. But the cold weather influences the growth of the vegetables. For this reason, our school has built the greenhouse. We have already got toolkits, bought seeds and decided to plant them next Monday. So that we can observe and develop organic plants better.

华东理工大学附属中学有机农场-2011 12

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