Some Reflections


Some Reflections

On the afternoon April 11th, 2011, the Shanghai Roots & Shoots “Caring for Leukemia Patients” project organized a beading activity in room 1613 of the Ocean Building. This activity enabled patients suffering from leukemia to have a more enjoyable life.

I was anxious when I entered the room, I wasn’t sure what sort of situation I would be facing, since Leukemia seems like such a serious illness. But once I entered, I saw that everything was peaceful and tranquil. A patient around the age of my parents told me that when others found out she has a serious diseases, no one believes her. To be honest, I didn’t either. She looked so healthy to me.

Life is precious for everyone. Although biologically speaking, we cannot avoid death; we all have the ability to do something valuable in life. During the activity, everyone was intensely concentrating. Some of the small beads took half an hour to be strung since their holes were so small.  It certainly was a strain on the eyes, but the participants never felt tired. When they finished beading, they all bragged and flaunted their creations, saying: “Doesn’t it look nice? Mine’s the prettiest!”

When the beading activity ended, everyone was happy and content with the day’s work. When leaving, one of the ladies told me that the beads were for a charity sale. The profits from the sale would buy yarn. I was confused—why would they buy yarn with their profits? The lady answered: with the yarn, they would knit hats and scarves for children suffering from cerebral palsy.

I was touched, but did not know what to say. I worry too much about little things, such as fighting for a seat on the bus, and arguing over cutting lines. Too many people consider their own interests above others.  But these women suffering from Leukemia were so generous and kind. They are the happiest, most confident people in the world.

Diseases are scary, but these optimists are an inspiration. We can learn so much from these patients. I think we are all fortunate. We can use our healthy bodies to serve for the sick in the city. Volunteer works seem mundane, but there are only so many volunteers in the city. Only through the help of selfless volunteers can we make the world a better place. We should cherish what we have before it’s gone.

Ying Ni

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(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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