The Environmental Science Contest


Event:The Environmental Science Contest

Group Name: “Roots & Shoots”, Shanghai Foreign Language School

Event Date: 2014-12-9

Report Submitter: Chen Rou Wen

Participant Number: six class representative team

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As a tradition, the school held their annual “International Week”, which is the most popular event at Shanghai Foreign Language School. This year, the Roots & Shoots club organized the “Environmental Science Contest”, this competition is well-renowned by the participants for its high academic requirements.
The first part of the contest is free-choice, in which each team had  to choose three questions they wanted to answer, each question ranged in difficulty from easy to difficult. Questions from easier portions was basic information from a Junior High Biology textbook. The harder questions required students to have extra knowledge of environmental science. The second part of the free-response questions, which  not only tested the understanding of the test takers on theories, but also asked them to practically try to express their views of environmental protection through the models they made by hand. In the end, only 6 teams entered the finale of the contest

The staff of “International Week” highly praises this competition, and the organizer, the Roots & Shoots club is happy to see the passion reflected during the contest. We look forward to hosting more events like this in order to let the idea of environmental protection come into the real lives of more citizens.

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