The Start of our New Voyage


The Start of a New Voyage

Wang Jianping and Fang Qinli from Lu’an First Elementary School

Children are born as innocent angels. At first sight, one can recognize their energy just as they would recognize the unique fragrance of spring. When we first met these tiny angels, we formed unbreakable bonds with them. With dreams, hopes, happiness, and excitement, we started a new voyage together.

The first class left the deepest impression – we played icebreaker games.

2011.1.1 Picture_1

In the bright and warm classroom, two teachers and their many students were playing together. Everyone had their individual nickname and signature moves. The cute little girl who loves putting her hands in her pockets and ponder, said that she likes the girl who often pats the naughty boys’ heads. The classroom was filled with imitated moves, happy laughter, and children chasing each other. As the children played, they quickly were able to learn each others names. I thought to myself: playing with each other in order to memorize names is a wonderful experience.

Even the oldest of games remain fascinating to kids and curious people alike. We played tug-of-war to strengthen our relationships. At first, it started out as games of one-on-one. But eventually, everyone joined in on one game. With blushing faces, all looked so cute.

We all got so involved in the game! Which team will win?

2011.1.1 Picture_

The first lesson was so memorable; I believe together we will walk into the wonderful land of Roots and Shoots.

(Translated by WFLMS Crunchy Zoo Language Club)

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