The Experience And Practice Of Tie-dye Process


Event: The Experience And Practice Of Tie-dye Process

Group Name:  The Environmental Protection DIY Club,Shanghai Fuxing Senior High School

Event Date:  2015-04-16

Report Submitter: Zhang Yibo

Participant Number: 30

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With the development of science and technology an increasing number of electronics are invading our lives. In order to learn more about Chinese culture and green products cohesively, we had the idea of applying tie-dye onto green products. So, our club held a tie-dye activity.

30 students and teachers gathered in the lab on April 16,2015. The club teachers prepared tie-dye materials that were distributed to the students. There were three stages in the activity. The first was an introduction to the tie-dye process. The teacher taught about the history and operation skills of tie-dye. The second was the process of tie-dye. The teacher guided students through the basic method of tying, dying, and washing. The last was sharing their creation. Everyone showed their works and shared ideas with other participants. The next month, 2 senior students designed an environmental clock using tie-die cloth and a paper board as the clock face. It received numerous compliments including purchasing intentions from students. In this exercise, students learned more about Chinese culture and became more intrigued on individual environmental projects. It laid a good foundation for future activities.




Next semester, we hope to integrate traditional Chinese culture such as seal cutting and calligraphy into green works. This will not only combine culture with green works, but also help funding for our club.



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