World earth day celebration


Event:World earth day celebration 

Group Name: Roots & Shoots, SBC

Event Date:  2014-4-22

Report Submitter: Chen Yin Xin

Participant Number: Students and teachers in SBC

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In order to welcome the world earth day, beautifying campus environment, at the same time, the response of roots and shoots and good joint bending moment of kung fu, a beautiful city, to transform our campus into a green campus without garbage, let the students can better enjoy the green youth campus life, roots and shoots we decided to carry out a bending moment, a beautiful city of signing. By signing awaken students’ environmental awareness, to refuse in the garbage can, around trying to get our campus to see a piece of junk. At the same time, the world earth day activities can also be in line with international standards, the green environmental protection concept into each student’s heart.


Before the start of this project will be colleges to conduct propaganda, take the playbill exhibition and promotion, at the same time also on twitter and all network platform to release information, etc. Stands, school was in the middle of the day and will sign banner shop in the lobby of a building on the table, and arrange partial members on duty, and put on jointly offered by good kung fu and roots and shoots short sleeves, better dissemination of green environmental protection idea. Our students will be invited to sign the banners and write down the message on the earth, and take pictures record activities, participate in activities at the same time also can give students distribute gifts. Pictures show through banners show, activities and site information release form, the concept of green better conveyed to the students.

上理中英世界地球日-2014 4-3

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