Organic garden


Event:Organic garden

Group Name:  Roots&Shoots ,WFLMS

Event Date:  2014.10-2015.1

Report Submitter: Sylvia Sun

Participant Number: 10

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At WFLMS, Roots & Shoots is not only a club in DP, but also an organization in MYP. In fact, the students at MYP have already established a planting team for the organic garden on their international campus.

The organic garden is situated in the corner of the schoolyard, which is near the canteen.The organic garden is located in a sunny place  surrounded by other vegetation. In Mid-October, 2014, members in the club started preparation for  planting. Various tasks  were implemented before: keeping the soil moist, and adding nutritional aspects in the soil. These methods were to help the plants grow strong and healthy. The selection of the vegetables also came to view and carrots, parsley, and spinach were selected. With the help of the members in the club, who are experienced in planting, the vegetables grew each day.

By the end of 2014, vegetables were harvested. The first vegetable extracted were the carrots. In order to assess the carrots viability, the members created a meal from them. Although this writer did not taste the carrots, the members assured me that the carrots were fresh and tasty.

Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a bigger garden. On the other hand, with our efforts, the vegetables have continued to grow well and the students have achieved a great accomplishment. Another good note, WFLMS Roots & Shoots has decided to also join the Organic Garden Project.