Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress (SMPC) held its second meeting on 31st January 2019 to vote on and accept the Shanghai Household Garbage Management Regulations, which will take effect from July 1. Before that, Shanghai has already introduced policies about garbage sorting. The policies and regulations can effectively help Shanghai achieve her goal in reducing the amount of garbage generation and create a low-carbon green city.

In 2018, funded by the Shanghai Charity Foundation and the China Environmental Protection Foundation, Shanghai Roots & Shoots joined the community charitable promotion project. We are aiming at educating the public as an environmentally-friendly social organization through the Dragon Recycling Project We attract and encouraged young volunteers in the development of a green community. At the same time, we advocat proper waste sorting and recycling and aim at creating an ecologically civilized Shanghai.


  • Construct a platform for community services for young people. Encourage involvement in creating a green community of Shanghai.
  • Promote the concept of Roots & Shoots’ Green Lecture and low-carbon lifestyle.
  • Divide waste sorting into different stages. Organize interactive activities which allow participants to understand processes of recycling and thus promote a green lifestyle which is environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.
  • Promote resources recycling and reduce carbon emissions in production and transportation etc.
  • Encourage consumers to avoid products which have excessive packaging. Promote lifestyle which is environmentally-friendly and avoid over-consumption to reduce the burden to our environment.


  • In 2018, 29 community green lecturers and 66 recycling volunteers have participated in activities of Dragon Recycling. There is a total of 148 volunteers which have provided 670 hours of community service for the project.
  • Dragon Recycling has reached a number of 2037 residents and students in districts including Jiading, Huangpu, Jingan and Hongkou etc.
  • We have organized 6 Community Green Lectures, 3 Recycling Days, 1 Eco-Party and 1 Marine Conservation Festival, which have provided knowledge on garbage sorting to local residents and raise public awareness on reducing waste generation and proper recycling.
  • Our project is supported by government departments and organizations including the Huangpu District United Front Work Department, Jiading Bureau of Environment Protection, Bacardi, Lee Kum Kee, Cummins, the Huaxinhaixin Mansion Property Management team etc.


  • Corporates

Corporations are welcome to participate in the Dragon Recycling Projrct. Corporate volunteers can join us as a team to develop a green community or support our Eco Recycling programs at school.

  • Schools

Eco Recycling programs at schools will be carried out in 2019 and 2020. Activities such as Green Lectures on garbage sorting, and second-hand goods collection and exchange markets will be held in schools to promote a green lifestyle.

  • Community

The project will serve the Shanghai community. Our Community Green Lectures and Recycling Days will facilitate residents on tackling problems found in garbage sorting and advocate eco lifestyle.

  • Individuals

We welcome young volunteers to become part of our Dragon Recycling Project by becoming a green lecturer in schools or community, or an eco-warrior during our Recycling Days. Are you ready for a long-term eco-fight with us?

For more information, please contact Dragon Recycling Project coodinator Fred (frederick@srschina.org) or call 021-63523580*806.

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